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 Nicola Pinamonti's personal page.


I am interested in modern Mathematical Physics, the scientific questions I am currently addressing are proper of modern Theoretical Physcis however, I approach them in a slightly different manner.
In particular I study (quantum) fields in curved spacetime with or without sigularities. This framework encompasses holographic teories, hidden symmetries, statistical explanation of black hole entropy. More recently I start to study also some cosmological model. Considering carefully the backreaction effect of the quantum fields on the curvature, in some model a stable de Sitter spacetime can arise as solution of the semiclassical Einstein equation.
Here are my publications.
See also my curriculum or the PDF version.
  Actual scientific interests:
Quanutm field theories in curved spacetimes.
Quanutm description of space and time.
Hidden symmetries near event horizons.
Explanations of black hole entropy.
Holography in asymptotically flat spacetimes and near cosmological horizon.
Semiclessical Einstein equations.
Quantum theories and cosmological models of universe.
Local formulation of Thermodynamical laws and the relation with phase space measures.

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