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 Pagina personale di Nicola Pinamonti.

Present Position:

Professor in Mathematical Physics.
Department of Mathematics, University of Genova.

Work address:

Department of Mathematics
University of Genova
via Dodecaneso, 35
I-16146 Genova, Italy

email: pinamont(at)dima.unige.it
Room: 936
Phone: +39 010 353 6936
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Lavori Recenti:
Secular growths and their relation to equilibrium states in perturbative QFT      With S. Galanda, L. Sangaletti
Local solutions of RG flow equations from the Nash-Moser theorem      With E. D Angelo
An Algebraic QFT Approach to the Wetterich Equation on Lorentzian Manifolds      With E. D Angelo, N. Drago, K. Rejzner
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